No show on television has made me sit still, step away from the computer and ignore my phone ringing like Fox’s 24. It’s extraordinarily thrilling and involving, in the way that you have to watch it every minute or you’ll miss a subtle doublecross, but even better than that, it’s back. That’s right, Jack is back.

Instead of setting the show in DC this time, the newest season will be set in New York, which is fine by me. I loved the show even when they let viewers believe that Jack Bauer could get from the Pentagon to an undisclosed location on “Naylor Rd” over a commercial break. And there’s no magic on 24–if you’ve never seen it, each hour of the show takes place in an actual hour–hence the name of the show. They could set it on Mars and I would love 24. It’s been too long, and we can’t wait to see Jack back in action again, after his “illness” at the end of season 7. Surely the producers have found a way for him to stave off death another season.

Who am I kidding? Jack could kick ass in his sleep. The Sunday premiere awaits, and then they follow up with the second part of the 2-part premiere on Monday! WHOO HOO!