I’m a member of the Bowie-Crofton Camera Club, and every month, we hold a themed competition amongst the members. In addition to a first place, second place, or honorable mention title, the winning photos are usually displayed in Bowie’s City Hall or Senior Center.

January will be my first competition that I’m competing in, and the theme is “A Touch of Red”. The example given was a photo of a shark about to attack a surfer, but the focal point happened to be the bright red shorts of the surfer, which takes your attention away from the subject matter. I’d award First Place to whoever actually had a photo like that! Another example given was a monochrome (black and white) photo of a security camera mounted on the side of a building, with a red bra hanging from it. How naughty! However, I didn’t want to edit my photos much at all, so this is what I found on my hard drive and submitted, 30 minutes before the midnight submission deadline last night.

This one is titled Awedience. We can only submit two digital photos and I opted for two others. I thought it was too dark, overall. But there is indeed a touch of red!

This one is titled Fourth of July. I know, imaginative name, right?

Here is Wagonfly.

This is my first time competing, so I’m just glad to have a submission this time. The other members are really, really good photographers so I can’t wait to see the other entries! Until I find out the results…