This Christmas was so great. I wish I could say that I woke up at whatever o’clock on Christmas morning but I didn’t. At 8:15 am, I got out of bed to start wrapping gifts. I never even took a break to eat–Mike had to toast a Bagelful for me to eat and I kept on truckin’.

By 2 pm (that’s right!), we finally got ready to go his parents house to drop off gifts. His mom made a roast (roasted what? cow? pig? deer? bear?) and “twice baked potato” for Christmas dinner. She’s so sweet–she still calles me Zana and even addressed my Christmas card to “Zana” but she got me an awesome gift, a PowerLight blow dryer that one of her stylists uses at her salon, with a mini travel sized version! I can’t wait to use it! That is, assuming that I’ll ever do my own hair again, I’m on a quest to teach Mike how, but until then…
Mike’s Mom tried on the coat that we got for his dad.

Then we ate on the good Christmas china in the dining room that gets dined in once a year and said our goodbyes.

Then we headed to my mom’s house for the real Christmas (sorry Mrs. Taylor!) and what a real Christmas it was. My mom made macaroni and cheese and had cherry pie. I love cherry pie! Let’s open the gifts.

What a wonderful Christmas it was. 🙂 Now what am I gonna do with two fire extinguishers?