I’m about a week late posting this, but I can’t neglect talking about my nephew Jamahri’s 6th birthday!

The party was supposed to be at Planet Fun in Greenbelt (yay?), on a Wednesday afternoon (hey, it IS the day of his actual birthday). Wouldn’t you know it, an hour before the party, someone got there early, at 5 pm, and let us know that Planet Fun was closed. Yep, CLOSED. Not sure if it was closed for business, but nobody was having a party there!
So my sister moved it to Chuck E. Cheese in Largo, MD. It didn’t smell as much as I remembered (like sweaty palms holding tokens for hours), and it wasn’t nearly as crowded, probably because it was Wednesday. Go Wednesday!
I’d never seen an actual Chuck E. Cheese in the costume (only the mechanical one on stage) dancing with the children, but there he was…and the kids were dancing too! They had a ball, and didn’t try to beat him up.

That’s my niece Saraia doing that pose below. She KEPT doing it. Where do they get that stuff?

I got to play skeeball with my mother, which was great, because we don’t do many fun things like that together anymore.

I LIVE for birthday cake, and despite the offputting dark dyes and whatnot, this cake was very, very good! This is my sister, Qualamiya, cutting the cake.

Ghetto sight of the night: One of my sister’s friends wheeled in a bike for Jamahri, and the kids took turns riding it around Chuck E. Cheese. Yep.

Happy Birthday Jamahri! 🙂