Last night, I finally finished and hung my Christmas tree. I used to have a flimsy construction paper tree, and I used it for a couple of years too, but now it’s all crumpled up and bent (I guess it fell down in the garage earlier this year).

This my old tree.

Everybody always said they liked my tree, but I only have a “fake tree” in the first place because I don’t have any floor space for a real tree! This year, I decided to make it a bit more sturdy so I wouldn’t have to make another one for a long time (unless I move and suddenly have enough room for a real tree!)
Foam core poster board is thick! Using scissors only made it look like I was ripping it up, so Mike helped me by using a box cutter to cut the Christmas tree pattern out (using an outline of the old tree).
I got this festive looking wrapping paper that already resembles tree decorations and garland.

I wrapped the tree with the paper.

And then I hung lights on it. Next–ornaments and gifts! Stay tuned 🙂

p.s. If you’re going to hang lights, use LED lights! They use 88% less energy!