Welcome to Ninja New York Restaurant, 25 Hudson, where Mike and I went to on Friday night, a quick walk from Ground Zero.

After going down one floor in the elevator, you enter what looks to be a haunted house

…and then our host jumps out and scared the hell out of me

You walk through the extremely dark pathway (the only way you can even see it is because of my flash) and then…

…and he jumped out of nowhere again, and scared me. AGAIN.

Our waiter, Ishi (or Jonathan)

Our menu on a scroll

Saki and my awesome fruity drink, called Zai, I believe

Mike and our Ninja waiter

Our Caesar salad was really good, it was covered with a crispy layer of parmesan cheese, which we broke with a sacred Ninja dagger

Mike’s steak and cauliflower au gratin, that was sooo good

My teriyaki chicken, which I thought was just ok

Time for dessert, the waiter poured 151 on a hot pan and asked me to place the Ninja Star (see it faintly on the lower left?) in the center

and he promptly lit the pan on fire

He put the top on to smother the fire, removed it, and my dessert magically appeared.

Our Ninja Star dessert

Yummy chocolate mousse

I’d go back for the drinks and the dessert. And to freak out my friends! 2 1/2 stars.