Sunday, I volunteered to shoot at the noon service at my church for the photography ministry. When I moved to the front of the stage to shoot the choir singing during praise and worship, I couldn’t help but notice that a small platform with a black curtain around the base had been placed at the edge, and it was ruining all of my straight shots of the stage. I was wondering, “What is that doing there, and where is the podium?”

Then, the guest preacher was introduced, and his picture was shown on the big screens. I was busy fiddling with my camera, deleting blurred shots, etc., so I heard the announcer say that he was from Australia (I think) and was 26 years old, a man named Nick Vujicic.

Nick arrived on stage to wild applause. I looked up to see him being brought out to the platform, and I just stared.

Nick was born without arms or legs. He testified about praying to God for arms and legs all of his life, but confessed that he is now thankful for not having them, because as a result, he has shared his testimony with people in 19 countries and continues to touch countless lives by telling the story of his own. He told everyone how doctor’s told his parents that he would never walk, but there he was, “walking” across the stage. He can swim, fish, and I even saw a picture on his website where he played golf! He could even turn the pages of his bible with the foot that he has, and said that he types 43 words per minute!

Nick was totally charming and charismatic, especially with his accent, and even made jokes about his first speaking engagement, where he said he was so nervous that his, “hands were sweaty and his knees were shaking.” Ha! It was definitely a service to remember.

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