I drink Red Bull almost everyday, the way that people drink coffee. I’ve never had coffee and don’t intend to ever drink it, instead I love the vast array of energy drinks found in your local convenience store. So this weekend at a gas station in Port St. Lucie, FL, instead of heading for the usual Red Bull, I spotted a bright yellow can of something called Dark Dog. It also caught my eye because it has Guarana in it, and I also regularly drink Guarana at home, when I can find it in stores.

Guess what? It was good! Actually good. And it tasted like Guarana too. Ever had Bawls? That drink, too, claims to have Guarana in it but I can’t taste it at all, although they have cool bottles. Yes, I’m a sucker for cool packaging. If you know where I can find Dark Dog here in Maryland, let a chica know!