My cousin Sean turned 26 this weekend, and his wife, Geneva, surprised him by renting a house in Virginia Beach! Just as he was starting to think that she forgot about his birthday, SURPRISE!

The beach house she rented was called Beach Pleasure and it was way cool…

The beach was really close to the house too

This dragonfly had a little bit too much fun

A beach wedding!

Inside, my cousins, aunts, uncles, and Sean and Geneva’s friends were having a really good time…

Then I heard some story about Yolanda face-planting in the grass one night after drinks…and my Aunt Tracy decides to re-enact that maneuver…

This was a celebration of Sean’s 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th AND 26th birthdays since he was away and we couldn’t celebrate his other birthdays with him.

Then, the next day (because why have a one-day party when you can have a two-day party?), we took full advantage of the house, grilling, relaxing in the hot tub, playing horseshoes, ping-pong, basketball and watching the NFL games.

Sean and Geneva’s daughter, Nicole