Early, I mean EARLY Saturday morning, I went to a gun show. You know, like a “Home Design Show”, but with guns. Unfortunately, the first sign I saw when I arrived read “NO PICTURES, NO CAMERA PHONES” and to be honest, I usually ignore this rule, but somehow in a building full of guns and ammunition, it was easy to follow. Not that I thought I’d get shot, but, I mean, better safe than sorry, right? By the way, I have the hand stamp to prove it:

Yep, that’s a gun, you can see it better on Mike’s hand.

So, imagine all of the people who stocked up their cellars or panic rooms with canned food, gas masks and ammunition at the end of 1999. Imagine what they looked like then, people like that, and imagine what they’d look like now, after surviving in their panic rooms for 10 years. Those are the people who sell items at gun shows. Everything seems to have a layer of dust or solvent on it, and seems at least 10 years old. Price tags are crinkled and yellowed. Sale signs are all written on old cardboard boxes, in Magnum Marker. And although the people that host gun shows are “vendors”, sales and merchandising aren’t exactly traits that they excel at, but then again, do they have to?

So, after picking up a few boxes of ammunition and targets and discovering how lame guns shows actually are, I headed to the range so that the early rise wasn’t a lost cause.

I wish I could say that I made this shot, but I didn’t. :-/

This one is mine. Oh well, better luck next time.