This morning, Mike informed me that he made my lunch with a special treat inside–candy from Japan. After sampling, and promptly spitting out, a variety of unidentifiable Chinese “delicacies” from one of my Chinese co-workers after she returned from a month-long vacation, I was more than a little hesitant to try it. I mean, how often do you eat things with labels that you can’t read?

Luckily, there actually were some English words on the package, the url for the candy, and I figured out that it must be called Hi-Chew. Of course I visited it, because I wanted to know what I was about to eat!

I couldn’t understand it except to see that I’m about to eat something insanely fruity! At least that’s what the looks of this site would lead me to believe, lol. Luckily, there was an English website! Score!

I told Mike that it was called Hi-Chew, to which he promptly said, “Bless you!” What a cornball.

When is the last time you’ve seen a Cantaloupe flavored fruit? I wanna try that one! Anywho, I decided to give this apple flavored candy a try.

How did it taste? Despite the look on my face, it was so yummy! I ate the whole pack within 20 minutes. And I probably would have done it without knowing what the name of it was.

Try something new this week. Hi-Chew!